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Industry Solutions

Commercial and Industrial

Reliable power and safe equipment and practices are critical to the operations of commercial, industrial, and institutional users. Facility managers, electricians, and control panel engineers, to name a few, have the responsibility to ensure a safe workplace environment to protect employees and businesses from harm.

Cusick Sales represents a broad range of rugged, cost-effective products designed to meet the stringent needs of these applications.

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Few other industries endure the challenges that energy applications must overcome on a daily basis. Extreme temperatures, rain, moisture, and sun exposure can all wreak havoc on sustainable energy applications.

Our manufacturers provide robust solutions focused on safely keeping your systems running, allowing you to collect and produce energy quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

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The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by strict hygiene requirements, aggressive cleaning processes, and short cycle times.

With a wide range of reliable automation solutions - including sensors, industrial cordsets, switch-rated devices feature plug and play operation, emergency alert systems, cooling systems and surge protection - Cusick's manufacturers are ready to tackle whatever automation challenges you are facing, from production and packaging to logistics and inventory management.

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Chemical / Refinery

Maximizing the operation and life cycle of process controls, instruments and electrical systems in oil and gas applications requires equipment protection solutions designed to endure in extreme environments. Several of our manufacturer's product lines offer protection under severe vibration, from corrosive chemicals and salt spray, in searing heat, bitter cold and driving rains.

From the managed conditions of control rooms, to extreme outdoor environments, to classified hazardous locations, we can offer the high performance solutions for control and equipment protection preferred worldwide by EPCs, OEMs and end-user specifiers. In the most harsh and hazardous environments on earth, let us help protect your critical oil and gas assets—including the people who operate them.

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Food and Beverage

With the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in early 2011, there is increasing scrutiny being placed on product safety and contamination issues. Public, media, and regulatory attention has focused squarely on the sanitary practices of food and beverage producers. The potential costs of recalls, liability, fines, and long-term damage to brands have compelled companies to take additional steps to ensure consumer wellness. This has resulted in intensified washdown practices including greater frequency with higher wash pressures and temperatures, and more concentrated chemical applications that require differentiated, unique equipment protection solutions.

When your application demands the highest standards of cleanliness while still providing protection against constant washdowns, Cusick manufacturers offer IP rated hygienic automation solutions to get the job done.

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