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Saturday October 20, 2018

NEW Strategic Partnership

Cusick Electrical Sales is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with Shat-R-Shield. Shat-R-Shield pioneered the protective lighting industry by introducing the original safety coated, shatter-resistant fluorescent lamp in 1970. In addition to shatter-resistant lamps, Shat-R-Shield also applies a safety coating to LED lamps that protects fragile electronic components from moisture, dust and corrosion.

For customers switching to new technology, Shat-R-Shield provides a selection of high efficiency LED fixtures to retrofit antiquated light sources. From LED High and Low Bay fixtures to the award winning line of Incoplas™ LED fixtures designed with lightweight, corrosion-resistant, thermally conductive engineered polymers, Shat-R-Shield is invested in providing solutions for their core markets.

Hoffman's Internal Disconnect Shield: Reduce Risk, Increase Safety.

The Internal Disconnect Shield helps reduce the risk of electric shock and arc flash by providing a method to barrier the disconnect switch inside the main enclosure, which minimizes incidental contact or exposure to the line side lugs. It can be retrofitted in an existing system or integrated into a new system to help increase safety. While it is not constructed to contain the heat and pressure or direct it away from workers if an arc flash does occur, it is designed to help prevent an incident from happening in the first place.

An Internal Disconnect Shield is ideal for:

  • Applications that require the use of a flange disconnect
  • New systems needing to reduce the risk through the system design
  • Existing systems that need to be retrofitted to reduce risk
  • Applications with limited floor space where an external disconnect solution is not feasible

Key Features:

  • Open back with holes on back flanges for easy mounting on main enclosure sub-panel
  • Wing nuts for top and bottom gland plates for tool-less installation
  • 110-degree door stop to prevent incidental contact
  • Spring-loaded slam latch with 7mm square insert for secure and automatic latching
  • Knock-outs to accommodate variable-depth or cable-operated disconnect switches
  • Symmetrically designed to accommodate either left-hand or right-hand disconnect switches
  • Body construction includes flanges and joints to meet UL Type 1 construction requirements
  • Safety orange paint finish to promote precaution

Hoffman Internal Disconnect Shield Sell Sheet
Hoffman Internal Disconnect Shield FAQs

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Water Damaged Electrical Equipment: Replace or Recondition?

As you well know, water and electricity do not mix. Refresh your memory with this guide and quickly see what equipment must be replaced and which may be reconditioned. Any water-damaged equipment, even if thoroughly dried, will pose serious long-term safety and fire risk if not properly reconditioned.

ESFI has teamed with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association ( to provide a detailed explanation on what electrical components can be reconditioned and which need to be replaced.

View Document: Water-Damaged-Equipment-68FB.pdf
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UPG SLA Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries are used for: emergency lighting, exit signs, burglar alarms, fire alarms CCTV systems, security panels and much more. Universal Power Group also offers a great tool for cross referencing SLA batteries.

Use link below to view the UPG brochure.

View Document: UPG generic flyer.pdf
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Selecta LPS

LPS brand products are engineered to help protect and maintain the productivity and efficiency of your equipment across a broad range of applications including automotive, industrial, manufacturing, aerospace, military and utilities. With seven categories of MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) products to choose from, LPS is recognized worldwide as a leader in value-added premium products.

Use the link below to download the LPS catalog.

View Document: LPS Brochure.pdf
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