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    Cementex Telescopic Hot Sticks

    Cementex is the only design-driven manufacturer of double-insulated hand tools in the market, and their performance standard is what the non-manufacturing competition strive to model.

    Experience, adaptability, quality and vision are the foundation of the Cementex brand of double-insulated tools and safety related products. They continue to use American tools, fabrics and labor paired with these fundamentals not only set Cementex apart from the imitators but have also established Cementex as the trusted safety tool specialists.

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    Midwest Electrical Products

    Midwest Electric Products is an industry leader in manufacturing quality weatherproof electrical equipment. Their product portfolio is focused on commercial and residential construction, outdoor living, recreation and agriculture. All Midwest equipment comes with more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor electrical equipment, superior corrosion protection, the highest quality electrical components and designs that keep user safety in mind.

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Thursday August 16, 2018

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FREE Thermal Audit

What takes place during a FREE Thermal Audit:

  • Determine the heat load generated by electronics inside the enclosure.
  • Calculate enclosure surface area.
  • Find the ambient and the desired maximum internal temperature.
  • Identify the enclosure location, color and material.
  • Perform calculation and make a recommendation on BTUH requirement, along with quotation and product availability.

Like people, industrial electronics can over-heat, causing malfunction and even complete failure.

The good news is that electronics components can be kept cool to extend their life and prevent expensive operation downtime.

Call Cusick Sales today at 215.659.6666 to schedule your FREE Thermal Audit.

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