Power and Alternative Energy Solutions

By taking the time to ensure that the right products are specified for every application, Cusick Electrical Sales representatives play a vital role in your organization's continued success. Whether they're guiding customers in the selection of products for a new or existing power plant, or working with OEMs to select exactly the right product for their equipment or system, we make a point to be part of the solution.

Power and Alternative Energy Solutions

Mersen Fuse

A global leader with a century of experience, Mersen brings expertise and innovation to your company.

Protect your solar power investment by using electrical components specifically designed for PV applications.
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3 Steps to Save Time on Your Next Nuclear Plant Outage

Nuclear power is now a significant energy source across the globe.

As demand for electricity grows amidst a shift to clean energy, many governments and regulatory agencies are looking to nuclear as a critical option. Since new construction is mostly cost-prohibitive, plants must stay in commission for longer while increasing output.

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nVent HOFFMAN Solar Shield Top

  From solar power to wind power, nVent HOFFMAN knows how to protect sensitive equipment and controls in the harshest environments. In fact, we’re preferred fabricators of outdoor enclosures and cooling solutions worldwide, with ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities on four continents. Our capabilities include aluminum enclosure fabrication, painting, assembly, seismic protection, EMC shielding, electronics cooling, security, corrosion resistance, access engineering, power conversion and multi-component systems integration. We also offer comprehensive in-house testing from UL and CSA certification to EMI/RFI emissions, salt fog and UV testing to ensure reliable field performance.

Featured and New Solutions

Modular Enclosure Systems

The PROLINE™ Modular Enclosure Systems (PROLINE G2) are designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment; to bear the advanced loads and harsh environments of industrial applications, while making the electrical enclosure easier to use and faster to populate.

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Portable Power Distribution

Portable power distribution units deliver comprehensive application space coverage with power transformation, distribution and plug and play connectivity. Innovative features and benefits, specifically addressing workplace safety and improved efficiencies, continue to set the standard for portable power distribution. Includes Big-E PDUs, e-Carts, Oscars, Spiders, Rubber Outlet boxes.

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High Speed Fuses

Mersen offers a range of solutions in medium and low voltage for enhancing, protecting, and making energy distribution safer and more reliable.

  • Low voltage IEC
  • Low voltage
  • UL/CSA
  • High voltage IEC
  • Medium voltage IEEE
  • Semiconductor protection
  • Miniature
  • Special purpose
  • Fuse holders, bases and supports
  • IEC fuse switch disconnectors
  • Fuse rails
  • Accessories for fuses and fuse systems

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