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Minerallac Company

Manufacturer and master distributor for: Cully™, Minerallac Traditional®, Black Claw™, Impact Staples® and Redmore®. Product line includes: Stainless Steel, hangers, spring steel fasteners, anchors as well as fasteners and bolts.

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Minerallac Company is a third-generation, family-owned American manufacturer and master distributor of electrical hardware and fasteners, who have been serving the electrical construction market for over 100 years.

Since its founding in 1894, the company has made it a mission to deliver quality products with outstanding service. All five brands–Cully™, Minerallac Traditional®, Black Claw™, Impact Staples® and Redmore®—possess the same high quality and service standards. What’s more, the consolidation of the company’s brands under one corporate umbrella allows it to offer a comprehensive package of electrical hardware and fasteners for distributor partners.


Minerallac Company



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