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Cusick Electrical Sales, Inc. is a trusted resource and professional sales organization specializing in demand creation through solution selling. We have a very clear defined set of standards thru collaboration with our Distribution partners, End Users and Specifying Community to help them achieve their goals.

At Cusick Electrical Sales, Inc., we represent a strategic group of top-level electrical manufacturers that serve the Industrial and Commercial markets of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and the state of Delaware since 1957.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


At Cusick Sales, we have 65 years of experience in solution based selling in the PA/NJ/DE marketplace.  We pride ourselves in our continuous specification efforts on behalf of all of our vendor partners.  Our core competency is working collaboratively with both our clients and Distribution partners to determine the best solution for each and every application.  By doing so, we bring a unique value proposition to those distribution partners in helping to drive business to them.