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Charlotte Motor Speedway Pit Garages

Charlotte Motor Speedway Pit Garages

The world famous pit garages at Charlotte Motor Speedway are home to high intensity, fast paced mechanical work during numerous racing events year round. Between truck competitions and Nationwide Series events, to the largest NASCAR races, these garages are where crews must perform precision work. In the garages, every second counts. There is no room for error, no time for mistakes and zero tolerance for avoidable mishaps. The need for speed comes second only to the infinite commitment to safety.

“When a car comes off the track after a 200 mph lap and needs immediate attention in the garage, action must be taken in the same fashion as the race itself – FAST. Emotions run high and we cannot have the liability of exposed glass as a threat to the process. If a light bulb was broken near one of the cars, the damage it could cause both physically, mechanically and in lost time could literally lose the race for the team. We simply can’t afford to take that risk and therefore we install safety coated lighting as an added precaution.” –Chad Runion, CMS Corporate Account Manager

At the time the opportunity was identified, the garages were illuminated using a wide variety of protective lighting options including tube guards and safety coated lamps from multiple manufacturers and in varying color temperatures. Many of the lamp coatings had discolored and cracked due to substandard quality and deterioration from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Nearly all of the tube guards had disintegrated and no longer had endcaps intact. The result was a poorly lit facility exposed to the dangers of broken glass– a threat that required action.

Rick Mertz, Operations Electrician at Charlotte Motor Speedway, identified Shat-R-Shield, Inc. as the ideal solution to fulfill their relamping needs. Having been an established brand for 45 years, Rick was familiar with Shat-R-Shield’s safety coated, shatter-resistant lamps and knew that the quality would meet standards in both protective value and aesthetic appearance. Shat-R-Shield’s safety coated lamps will contain virtually all glass, mercury and phosphors if accidentally broken and offers the industry’s best warranty, which guarantees that the coating will not yellow, crack or flake for the rated life of the lamp.

Charlotte Motor Speedway’s garages were completely relamped using Shat-R-Shield’s safety coated, shatter-resistant T12 fluorescent lamps throughout. The result is a brighter, more efficient workspace that provides the assurance of having the highest quality overhead lighting protection.

Customer Feedback
“Shat-R-Shield lighting has transformed the look of our garages, creating a cleaner and safer environment for our partners, vendors, sponsors and teams. The level of quality in their product and the professional manner in which they service their customers has far exceeded our expectations. Several opportunities exist in and around our facilities for Shat-R-Shield to further transform the overall appearance of key areas. We look forward to working with Shat-R-Shield in the future and building a long-term partnership.”- Mertz

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