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Cusick Electrical Sales, Inc. is a trusted resource and professional sales organization specializing in demand creation through solution selling. We have a very clear defined set of standards thru collaboration with our Distribution partners, End Users and Specifying Community to help them achieve their goals. ...

At Cusick Electrical Sales, Inc. , we represent a strategic group of top-level electrical manufacturers that serve the Industrial and Commercial markets of Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern NJ and the state of Delaware since 1957.

Industry News


The LEDVANCE GROW LIGHT is the ideal solution for green houses and vertical farms. It replaces natural light and helps promote plant growth.

Benefits and Features:
  • Indoor spectrum: peak values for red (660nm) and blue (450nm) light that helps promote plant growth all year round Dimmable 0-10V to maximize energy savings
  • Interconnectable (up to 4 luminaires in 480W, three in 660W and two in 960W) via AC connector on the right side of the luminaire
  • Interconnectable up to 20 luminaires via RJ-45
  • Looks white to the eyes
  • Lower heat generation, longer life, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional grow lights
  • Easy to install

  • Details: Grow lights.pdf

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    Shat-R-Shield’s Incoplas® LED Hybrid

    The Incoplas® LED Hybrid is a durable multi-purpose and corrosion-resistant LED lighting solution that can be used in heavy industrial applications where hazardous location lighting is required.

    Details: Incoplas LED Hybrid.pdf

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    SYLVANIA NEW ULTRA LED™ HID Replacement Lamps.

    With options for any large-scale industrial or commercial application, SYLVANIA ULTRA LED™ HID replacement lamps offer a significant increase in performance and cost savings over traditional metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor.

    They feature a 50,000 hour lifetime,80+ CRI, and they’re backed by a 5 year warranty. A selectable option is available for when a color temperature adjustment may be desirable.

    Details: HID Replacement Lamps.pdf

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    Charlotte Wire & Cable Company, Inc.

    Cusick Electrical Sales and Charlotte Wire & Cable Company, Inc. are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Cusick Sale’s industry leading expertise with Charlotte Wire & Cable Company’s broad range of specialty electrical wire and cable.

    Details: Line Card.pdf

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    MERSEN Launches New Compact Fused Switch

    Improved Safety, Compact Size, Ease of Installation

    Mersen is excited to announce the new Compact Fused Disconnect that incorporates the switch functionality with the high protection level of a fuse.

    The switch accepts class CC fuses, is UL 98 listed and suitable for branch circuit disconnect and protection. It has a smaller footprint compared to a traditional Class CC disconnect with an interrupt rating of 200kA.

    The compact size and ease of installation makes it a great choice for panel builders. The easy lockout/tagout feature and IP20 rating ensures additional safety along with a built-in switch Interlock that prohibits removing the fuses under load.

    The Compact Fused Switch product offering is available immediately.

    Details: DS-Compact-Fused-Switch-Mersen.pdf

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