How the Xlerator Hand Dryers Help Large Stadiums Like Gillette Save Time and Money

PROBLEM 70,000 event day visitors + paper towels = huge expense, clogged toilets, dirty restrooms, large carbon footprint, poor fan experience SOLUTION XLERATOR Hand Dryers RESULTS Improved fan experience, more than $50,000 annual cost savings, fewer maintenance headaches, more hygienic restrooms, reduced carbon footprint. At Gillette Stadium, 125 XLERATOR® Hand Dryers Do The Work Of […]

Buffalo Wild Wings Goes Wild About Waste Reduction and Hand Hygiene

High-Speed, Energy-Efficient XLERATOR® Hand Dryer A Best-In-Class Solution For Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise As a franchise owner of Buffalo Wild Wings, Sarah Morin knows a thing or two about statistics. “Sports people can be a bit obsessed with stats,” she said. “And I like ours: 50 high-definition plasmas and big screens, 30 ice cold beers […]

Bean Restaurant Group Finds Restroom Solution With XLERATOR

XLERATOR® HAND DRYERS PROVIDE ONE RESTROOM SOLUTION FOR SIXTEEN SUCCESSFUL RESTAURANTS. PROBLEM High paper towel and maintenance costs at sixteen restaurants, need for touchless, hygienic restroom solution SOLUTION XLERATOR Hand Dryers with HEPA Filtration in restrooms at all locations RESULTS More hygienic restrooms, savings of time and money on paper towel inventory and maintenance, improved […]