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How the Xlerator Hand Dryers Help Large Stadiums Like Gillette Save Time and Money

How the Xlerator Hand Dryers Help Large Stadiums Like Gillette Save Time and Money


70,000 event day visitors + paper towels = huge expense, clogged toilets, dirty restrooms, large carbon footprint, poor fan experience


XLERATOR Hand Dryers


Improved fan experience, more than $50,000 annual cost savings, fewer maintenance headaches, more hygienic restrooms, reduced carbon footprint.

At Gillette Stadium, 125 XLERATOR® Hand Dryers Do The Work Of 6,000,000 Paper Towels.

“One thing we really like about the XLERATOR
hand dryers is that they’re very reliable. With the millions of people who have come through the facility, we really haven’t had to change any of the units out since they were first installed.”

The New England Patriots create a green dynasty at Gillette Stadium. In addition to being the hallowed home of the New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium is a world class entertainment facility that hosts everything from international soccer matches to concerts by Jay Z, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney.

During what they call a full-stadium event, nearly 70,000 people crowd the stands — and use the restrooms.

Since 2009, Gillette Stadium has used XLERATOR high-speed, energy- efficient hand dryers to cut costs, meet sustainability goals, promote restroom hygiene and improve the guest experience.

“The XLERATOR is a win-win-win-win for us,” says Jim Nolan, Chief Operating Officer. “First, it’s better for the environment. Second, we are saving money while our staff is spending less time cleaning paper off the floor and refilling dispensers. Third, staff is freed up to respond more quickly to fan issues. Fourth, and most important, fans prefer it to paper, giving them a better experience.”


Originally equipped with paper towel dispensers, the stadium used an average of 6,264,000 paper towels per year, at a cost of more than $50,000 for paper, maintenance and waste removal. In September 2009, Gillette installed more than 125 XLERATOR dryers featuring exclusive, custom digital imaging cover technology throughout Gillette Stadium.

When you do the math, that means 125 XLERATORs do the work of 6 million paper towels.

“The XLERATOR hand dryers reduce the cost and maintenance associated with paper towels in the stadium’s restrooms,” says Jim Nolan.

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