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Everlast Lighting

High bay, low bay, area lighting in auto dealerships, heavy industrial, retail, grocery,warehouse, and sports venues.

Product Lines

High bay single module

High Lumen Single Module

The Legend Series LED high bay fixtures deliver maximum energy savings while delivering industry-leading lumen performance. The Legend Series is a perfect solution for warehousing, retail, gymnasiums, industrial and more!

High Lumen Multi Module High Bay

High Lumen Multi-Module

For higher watt applications, the Legend Series Multi-Module fixtures deliver unparalleled lumen output by combining up to three of our Legend Series High Lumen High Bays into one powerful unit. The Legend Multi-Module offers four wattage options (400, 480, 600, & 720) and comes standard with a single 30″ Aluminum reflector.

High Lumen High Watt

High Lumen High Watt

The Legend Series High Watt LED high bay fixtures offer lumen outputs ranging from 64,000, to 80,000 and are designed for one-to-one replacements of 750w or 1000w HIDs.  With its robustly engineered cold forged heat sink, the Legend Series High Lumen fixture is leading its class in thermal management technology. The EverLast Lighting  High Watt LED high bay is, “Lighting Engineered to Perform”.  



The EverLast Linear Series low bay is a perfect aesthetic match for replacing archaic traditional T5, T8, and T12 fluorescent tube fixtures. With a 10-year limited warranty, the Linear Series low bay fixture eliminates ballast and tube maintenance while vastly improving light quality and ease of installation.

Mid temp High Bay

Mid Temp Single Module

Legend Series Mid Temperature high bay, where LED performance and intensity reach unprecedented levels. To accommodate this denser configuration, EverLast incorporates a robust die-cast aluminum heat sink, enabling elevated lumen output while maintaining the same power consumption.

Mid Temp Multi-Module

Mid Temp Multi-Module

Mid Temp modules can be combined to create a unit powerful enough to brighten even the largest spaces. Experience the unmatched design and performance of the Legend Series Mid Temp fixtures, enabling you to achieve mounting heights surpassing 50 feet (15.2 meters)

High Temp Single Module

High Temp Single Module

The Legend Series High Temperature high bay pushes LED performance and intensity to the next level. By maximizing LED chip density, EverLast increases the lumen output of a standard 220W LED fixture by over 30%. To accommodate the denser configuration, EverLast uses a die cast, aluminum heat sink, resulting in more lumen output using the same amount of power.

High Temp Multi-Module

High Temp Multi-Module

The Legend Series High Temp Multi-Module LED high bay combines multiple Legend Series High Temp fixtures to create a truly powerful single unit. The unique design and unparalleled performance of the Legend Series High Temp fixtures allow for mounting heights greater than 50 feet (15.2 meters) while maintaining exceptional light.

High Lumen Low Bay Single Module

High Lumen Low Bay

EverLast Lighting provides its end users with more than just a standard low bay LED fixture. Designed in-house and able to be customized to your application’s exact needs. With its numerous optional accessories, and delivering an industry-leading lumen per watt efficiency, the EverLast circular low bay is truly, “Lighting Engineered to Perform”.

High Bay Reflectors


Lighting accessories including High lumen single module, high lumen high watt, and high temp lighting.

Area Lighting

The EverLast Encounter Series LED Area Light offers a powder coated die cast aluminum housing, dusk-to-dawn and control options, along with various mounting solutions. The Encounter Series focuses on matching existing site lighting aesthetics with its traditional form factor, ease of installation, and energy reduction in an economically priced package making it ideal for quick turn-around projects.


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High bay, low bay, area lighting in auto dealerships, heavy industrial, retail, grocery,warehouse, and sports venues.


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