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Refinery Lighting for Houston’s Wholesale Electric

Refinery Lighting for Houston’s Wholesale Electric

About the Project

Ericson was approached by Wholesale Electric out of Houston, Texas with a request to advance their lighting systems that were placed over heavy commercial-duty products. The request was for their end-user customer, a large refinery in the Houston area. The refinery requested to convert traditional Edison screw sockets to LED output and complete the project in two months. The true challenge wasn’t as simple as originally stated- they needed to specify new LED lighting in an industrial grade environment to a higher-lumen output along with meeting the customers’ expectations of an anti-theft option.

Implementation Efforts Executed

Ericson Linear LED Tube String Light

As the request for a lighting upgrade was submitted, Ericson’s applications engineering team took to the drawing board to understand the best LED lumen output, foot candles and product options. After much discussion, it was decided that the Linear LED Tube String Light was the ideal solution due to the features it offered from a theft-deterrent LED tube technology and the simplified mounting options for flexible handling and installation. The Linear LED Tube String Light provided the customer with additional benefits, including:

  • 50,000-hour lamp life
  • Field-replaceable bulbs
  • Outdoor/wet location use
  • Impact-resistant construction
  • High temperature lens

Focused on safety standards, the Linear LED Tube String Light was the best option for the industrial-grade environment of the refinery. Ericson provided a sample drop of the string light and shortly after received an order for 50 pieces. The requests from the refinery didn’t stop there as they provided positive feedback through Wholesale Electric that the product solved the theft issue they were encountering, and placed an additional order of 75 pieces. As upgrades continued at the refinery, a 300 piece order was placed proving satisfaction in the quality of the string light and its added benefits.

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