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Solar-Powered Shopping Mall

Solar-Powered Shopping Mall


Using solar power to power a shopping mall is a great idea. Malls, with their large expanses of flat roof space, are a logical place to install solar panels. This customer needed high-quality electrical protection components to avoid the quality failure that happened with product from other manufacturers.


  • 110 DC SPD, 800 gPV fuses
  • 800 gPV fuses holders
  • 110 DC switches

Mersen is the key electrical protection component supplier for the largest rooftop solar-powered shopping mall in the world. The 2.88MW grid tie PV system in the Philippines is expected to offset up to 95% of daytime demand. During its first full year of operation, the system is projected to cut annual carbon emissions equivalent to 2.25 million kg of CO2. This is comparable to planting 100,000 trees or removing 5.5 million miles worth of COemissions generated by a car.


  • One supplier for all components: SPDs, fuses, switches
  • Proximity and flexibility of Mersen team

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